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Text Box: What is Tuberculosis? 
	Tuberculosis is a chronic inflammatory disease, caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB). Mainly it affects lungs (Pulmonary Tuberculosis) ,But it can affect all body parts like bones, joints, intestines , lymph glands, kidneys, genital system, brain etc (Extra pulmonary tuberculosis). Only pulmonary tuberculosis is infectious disease.
How Tuberculosis presents?
		General Symptoms, Weight loss, Loss of Appetite. Low grade fever with evening rise, weakness. Systemic Symptoms, These are according to the body system involved, commonest form is pulmonary tuberculosis. Cough with or with out sputum production, chest pain, breathlessness, or expectoration of blood etc
How to diagnose Tuberculosis?
		In any patient with relevant symptoms or undiagnosed cough persisting for more than three weeks should be investigated. Sputum examination for Afb smear and C/S, X-ray chest, CBC,ESR, or other relevant test suggested by A Specialist.

How to treat Tuberculosis?
		Tuberculosis is almost 100% curable subject to if the MTB is sensitive to drugs, the patient takes the drugs regularly and drugs are of good quality. More over drugs are not spurious. There is no need to separate the utensils of the patient. Patient must cover his face while coughing and should not spit sputum indiscriminately.

T B or Tuberculoses

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 TB (Tuberculoses)




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